Is Air Conditioning The Most Trending Thing Now?

when you get your new one next thing we’re going to do is remove this little knot here which is a quarter inch nut and then remove actually next I’m going to take the wires off of it there we go and then take the back one off here easier when it’s in the bracket there we go so that’s disconnected all the wires to the actual capacitor next I’m going to do is take.

The metal bracket that’s holding it on there off and then we’re going to test it that’s it two capacitors out let me show you what’s what this looks like on top not sure whether you can see the markings or not there’s her and it’s stamped right on the top cover fan and see see for common so we have all those three contacts now the other thing you need to notice here on this.

one you see how it’s bubbled up like this okay that’s usually indication of a failure this top piece should be flat if yours is bubbled up or pushed up in any way whatsoever distorted upwards then more than likely your capacitors bad but we’ll test that and then come up with a you know positive diagnosis using my meter here the components and the meter that I use to test these capacitors.

This is my old capacitor the exact same ratings as this one so here’s the ratings you need to know do cross reference to another brand of capacitor so that you get the right capacitor number one thing you need to know is the micro farad specs on it and this is a two-pole oh sorry yes a two capacitor bill endure so we have a seventy micro farad output or a capacity for one of the poles which is the.

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