How You Can Attend Tucson Ac Repair With Minimal Budget

Here looking up here this is our AC compressor looks like with a couple of millimeter bolts we can pull down this plastic shielding here to gain access to it for whatever reason it looks like at one point it was rubbing through maybe it was went off roading or something and was running at the time and and got that cut into it but let’s get this so we can get a better view of what we’re looking at there are a few fasteners here one up on them behind this wheel another up under here one.

Here and a couple of plastic Clips I’m just going to take everything off to here and then flip this whole thing down and over I don’t need to remove the whole shield oh yeah I forgot this one right here it also needs to come off these are all ten millimeter and yeah I feared that this would happen which it sometimes does this one is just spinning on the inside here and there is a way to get it off but the only way is with an impact you see there’s a okay you can kind of see it in there right up through the aluminum there is this little piece that this fastener goes into what’s happening here is as I’m trying.

To loosen this sorry I kept Tucson air conditioning my own life as I’m trying to loosen up on the whole thing is happening so what I’ve done in the past to get past this is I’ll take a pry bar or something and wedge it in to that backside of the fastener and just hit this with an impact and that’s what I’m about to show you it’s not easy but it is possible real pain in the butt alright let’s remove those other ones I told you about to remove these plastic fasteners there’s like a Philips head screw here that I just normally just take my pocket screwdriver and undo once you get.

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